Run a competition on your Facebook page with our easy to use apps!

Running a Facebook sweepstake, facebook contest or any other social media contest or promotion is simple and a fantastic way of generating likes, fans, email newsletter subscribers and more.
All of our Facebook apps come with a host of advanced features, so you can be sure you'll get the most out of your Facebook contest.

We increased our likes by 22%
Helen E Cosmetics

I got a promo up and running in 10 minutes

Fangating - Get fans to like you on Facebook to enter your contest

Fan gating

Create a Facebook sweepstake that require your users to like you on Facebook and become your Facebook fan, or post a Tweet on Twitter in order to to enter your social contest. Ensuring your fans like you on Facebook is a great way to increase your likes.

Drag and drop designer to help you build your Facebook competition

Drag and drop form designer

You can get your Facebook content up and running in minutes using our online drag and drop designer, upload your images, edit your content text and choose which data fields you want to collect, including email addresses, newsletter subscribers and more.

Host your contest and sweepstake on Facebook or your website

Facebook App or website

Host your sweepstake or contest anywhere - on your company website or mobile site by adding our javascript widget, post it to Twitter using our URL shortening service or host it on Facebook by installing our Facebook App on your Facebook fan page. Make sure you never miss an opportunity.

A/B split test your Facebook contest to see what design or proze performs better

A/B Split testing

Some designs or contest prizes may be more appealing you your customers, using Advantage 360, you can create different splits using different images, text and even different prizes, real time stats help you decide which Facebook contest yields better results.

Use a Facebook sweepstake to collect email addresses and other data

Collect email addresses

Use your Facebook sweepstake to collect valuable data for your customers, we allow you to use your contest entry for to collect a number of different customer metrics, including names, email addresses, newsletter signups, location, address, plus you own ALL of the data you collect, giving you a great source for future marketing and promotions.

You can even ask your entries to confirm their email address before being entered into your competition.

Limit your Facebook contest to 1 entry per customer

One entry per customer

To stop your customers abusing your Facebook contest, you can limit the number of entries each customer can make, ensuring that each customer can only enter your Facebook sweepstake once.

Help your Facebook contest go viral

Go viral

We can help your Facebook sweepstake go viral! Once your customers have entered your Facebook contest, you can prompt them to forward your competition details onto a number of their friends for an extra chance to win, plus a 1 click post that allows your entries to post onto their own Facebook page = 'Look what I've just entered...'. Quickly increase the reach of your potential compeition entries.

Real time stats for your Facebook sweepstake

Real time stats

Real time stats allow you to see how many views your Facebook sweepstake has had and how many entries you have collected. View your details in real time and customise your contest to keep interest high.

Create a Facebook compliant contest

Facebook compliant

If your contest does not follow Facebook competition rules (https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines, you run the risk of getting it shut down, or worse, your Facebook fan page banned completely. Our Facebook sweepstakes and contests follow Facebook and CAP competition rules out of the box, with custom entry rules being created specially for your Facebook contest.

Create a custom Facebook tab for your sweepstake

Custom Facebook sweepstake tab

You can even customise your Facebook page further by adding your own Facebook App tab to your Facebook fan page.

Customise the look and feel of your Facebook contest with HTML access

Customisable HTML

For advanced users, we can give you access to HTML and CSS code to allow you to fully customise the look and feel of your Facebook sweepstake or contest.

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